Refinished Antique Mirrors

Check out this simple way to refinish detailed antique mirrors with just spray paint.

{Texas Craft House} How to Refinish Antique Mirrors


Today I want to share how I refinished two antique mirrors that were given to me by someone I used to work with. I was excited to score such beautiful mirrors for free, but I had no idea what I would do with them and where I would use them because of their color. The mirrors ended up collecting dust for at least two years in my apartment before I figured out what to do with them. In 2012, my husband and I started building a house and it hit me! I could use the mirrors and revamp them with spray paint so that I wouldn’t lose any  of the beautiful details in the frames.

{Texas Craft House} How to Refinish Antique Mirrors


  • Mirrors
  • Window Cleaner
  • 1 can Rust-oleum Primer
  • 1 can Rust-oleum Satin Dark Wood for Metal, Wood, Plastic
  • Painter’s tape
  • Newspaper
  • Drop Cloth

First and foremost, clean the mirrors all over. I wiped them down and used Q-tips to get any dust that was in the crevasses of the detailing. This ensures your spray paint will not only stay, but be smooth. **On a side note I found the coolest attachment for my spray paint, a Rust-oleum nozzle that attaches to your can. This nozzle definitely makes it more comfortable to spray paint.**

{Texas Craft House} How to Refinish Antique Mirrors

The next step is to tape the glass so that you do not get any paint on it. I used old newspaper and pieced it together, if I thought any paint could get through I covered the area in tape. Then I used my Rust-oleum Primer to  evenly coat my frames, I did two coats of primer for each mirror front and back. **Just remember to do this in a well ventilated area, I opened the garage door all the way after finishing the first coat**

{Texas Craft House} How to Refinish Antique Mirrors

I let the primer dry for a couple of hours and then did two coats of Rust-oleum Dark Wood on the front and back of my frames and waited for them to dry.

{Texas Craft House} How to Refinish Antique Mirrors

Here is what my mirror looks like with the tape taken off. Not too shabby, right?

{Texas Craft House} How to Refinish Antique Mirrors

Here are my mirrors hung in my master bathroom. I actually asked the builder not to install any mirrors throughout the house so I could add my touch to each bathroom and I’m glad that I did. It makes my house feel like more of a home.

{Texas Craft House} How to Refinish Antique Mirrors

Check out the makeover I did to the toilet room in my master bath!

Next on my list for improvements in the master bathroom include, continuing the tiling over the sink counter that is above the bathtub, installing knobs for the cabinets, and a tall storage cabinet in between the mirrors.

{Texas Craft House}

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