Weight Loss Visual Motivation

Are you losing steam on your New Year’s resolution? Try this to keep up the motivation…

This year I decided to really try and make better choices to lose weight and get healthier. I am doing great but am a visual person. I love tracking my weight on my phone app but after I turn it off that’s it. I made these jars (after finding the idea on pinterest) to help have a daily, visual reminder of my progress.

{Texas Craft House} Weight Loss Visual Motivation

All you need is two jars (you can buy mason jars individually any craft store or save two spagetti jars), marbles (of your color choice) and a paint pen to write on the front. At first I tried using dry erase markers on these jars but everytime I touched them to move a marble it would wipe away. These are the same paint pens we used to make Elisabeth’s Thumb Print Guest Book for her wedding reception, so they can come in handy for other things. Instead of jars I have seen other people just use plastic baggies. You can change up the marbles and put other things inside too (like all those wine corks you might be saving 🙂 or small pebbles, anything).

You put how many marbles, or pounds, you want to lose on one side and as you drop the pounds, you move the marbles over. I like seeing them every morning because it is a great reminder as I start my day of what I am working for and how far I have come.

Have a great day,


What do you use to motivate yourself when it comes to weight loss?

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