Etch your own Casserole Dishes

Hello Everyone!!

Today I want to share a gift that I made for one of our couple friends that got married a few years ago. I found this idea on Pinterest here. Let me just start by saying that this craft was a lot easier than I expected it to be!! I etched their last name into the glass for a practical casserole dish they could take to parties and ensure they would get back.

{Texas Craft House} Etch your own Casserole Dish


For this craft I needed:

  • My cricut
  • Etching cream (Hobby Lobby)
  • Vinyl
  • A timer
  • Brushes that can be tossed or a plastic knife
  • Rubber Gloves

{Texas Craft House} Etch your own Casserole Dish

I started by going through my Cricut cartridges and finding a font that I liked. I chose the font from ‘Winter Wonderland’ and the heart shapes from ‘Playtime’. The Cricut is actually pretty awesome because you can leave it on while switching in between cartridges so that you don’t have to readjust the blade and try to get everything perfectly lined up in between cartridges. I attached the vinyl to the cutting mat and begin cutting.

{Texas Craft House} Etch your own Casserole Dish

Since I had three different sized glass dishes I used different font sizes. I did 1 1/2″, 1 1/4′ and 1″. Then I took the negative space off of the cutting mat and began to place each set onto the glass dishes. The beauty of vinyl is that it’s sticky so all you have to do is place it where you want it. I used the outline of the letters and placed them evenly in the middle of each dish and then I took the insides of the ‘Q’ and the Hearts and placed them where I wanted them. Make sure that there are no bubbles around the lettering otherwise the etching cream will get underneath and you won’t have a clean etch.

{Texas Craft House} Etch your own Casserole Dish

Then I used the etching cream to etch each glass dish one at a time. Please remember that etching cream is dangerous and can really hurt you, use some form of protection on your hands as you are doing this project, I had latex gloves, but I’ve used ziploc bags before. There are also warnings on the etching cream that you can look at. I ended up using a plastic knife instead of the brushes to spread the etching cream over the vinyl cutout, make sure the cream doesn’t run over the edges or you will etch the outside of the cutout and have to buy new dishes. The blog I was looking at said to leave the etching cream on for 15 minutes, so after 15 minutes I went to wash of the cream, I did not like how light the etching turned out so I put the etching cream back on and did another 15 minutes.

{Texas Craft House} Etch your own Casserole Dish

To get the etching cream off I let the water in the sink run until it was warm to hot and used some dish soap, then while wearing my latex gloves I began cleaning off the etching cream by rubbing my fingers off of the vinyl. It came off very easily and then all I had to do was peel off the vinyl and dry the dish. Here is the first dish I completed! I absolutely love it!!

{Texas Craft House} Etch your own Casserole Dish

Here are all three dishes completed! Aren’t they fabulous! I am honestly surprised how easy these were to craft!

{Texas Craft House} Etch your own Casserole Dish

After completing this craft, I’ve thought of so many other things to etch! What would you want to etch?

Stay tuned for the trifle bowl I’m etching for my mom and some collegiate wine glasses that I made for my sister!

{Texas Craft House} Elisabeth

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