Cotton Ball Wreath

I just pulled down my winter wreath from the attic, my cotton ball wreath. Every year I hate to see Christmas go but also get so excited to see this darling wreath again. It is one of my all time favorite crafts and probably one of the easiest things I’ve made. Try out this tutorial and you will not be disappointed!

{Texas Craft House} Cotton Ball Wreath

After searching Pinterest for winter wreaths I found this great idea for a ‘snow’ themed wreath using cotton balls. Apparently these are really popular but I have never seen one! The original poster has some great pictures of her finished product. I couldn’t find any instructions so just kind of guessed me way through it. It is pretty self-explanatory though. Here is a link to the post. The blogger’s name is Kristen and she has many cute crafts and decor ideas for your home as well as some pictures of fun vacation adventures.

Here are the materials – white styrofoam wreath form of your size preference (I used 16 in), cotton balls (I used a little over 3 regular sized bags) and a glue gun. I used the white styrofoam to hide any ‘holes’ in between cotton balls when I was finished. The original poster used the twig wreath form.
{Texas Craft House} Cottonball Wreath
 After heating up your glue gun squeeze some glue onto the foam…
{Texas Craft House} Cottonball WreathThen stick a cotton ball on top of the glue.
{Texas Craft House} Cottonball Wreath
 Here is a picture of my wreath with the first few cotton balls glues on.
{Texas Craft House} Cottonball Wreath
Just keep gluing and sticking. I did a long glob of glue and then did several cotton balls at a time to help speed up the process. Don’t worry about making a glue mess, it’ll just be covered.
{Texas Craft House} Cottonball Wreath
The hardest part was maneuvering the hot glue gun. I saw a CORDLESS HOT GLUE GUN at Hobby Lobby that is on my wish list!
{Texas Craft House} Cottonball Wreath
I liked this craft because the cotton balls didn’t have to be nice and neat. Here is a picture after 1 bag of 100 count cotton balls.
{Texas Craft House} Cottonball Wreath
Here is after 2 -100 count bags of cotton balls.
{Texas Craft House} Cottonball Wreath
 Here is a picture of the wreath finished after using a little over 3 bags of cotton balls. At the very end I went around looking for little holes where I would fill in with single cotton balls as needed.
{Texas Craft House} Cottonball Wreath
 The finished wreath on my front door with some burlap ribbon and a little wreath ‘pick.’ Not sure if that is what they are called… they are the things you use to decorate pine or twig wreaths with around Christmas time. I think it would look just fine without one if you can’t find any right now.
{Texas Craft House} Cotton Ball Wreath
{Texas Craft House} Cotton Ball Wreath
I think it looks so charming! The original poster said that hers has lasted many years. I was reading through her comments and some people said that every year they would change out the ribbon and add-on/wreath pick. I think it’s so adorable! Good thing if it ever needed a little fixing up it would be easy to add a few cotton balls.

I think it is perfect for this winter season. Here in Texas we are freezing in the lower 40’s! 🙂
Thanks for looking and check back for more creativity soon!

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