Simple DIY Barefoot Sandals

{Texas Craft House} Simple Barefoot SandalsSince our wedding would be on a beach my mother-in-law had the best idea about all of the ladies wearing barefoot sandals. We looked at buying them, but my mother-in-law ended up finding a book on how to make them at a thrift store instead.



Supplies Needed:{Texas Craft House} Simple Barefoot Sandals

  • Beads, Beads and Beads
  • Plastic String
  • Crimper
  • Scissors

We started out by putting about 20 of the tiny beads onto the string. We made sure that they were perfectly centered before adding the next bigger bead. This big bead closes off the loop for your toe so you need to put both ends of the strong through it. 

{Texas Craft House} Simple Barefoot Sandals

Then I added 5 little beads onto each strand of the strong and closed those off to add a big bead, a designer bead and another big bead. The plastic string makes the barefoot sandals have just enough elasticity to make it easy to take them on and off without stretching them out or ruining them.

{Texas Craft House} Simple Barefoot Sandals

You can get really creative with these and change the way you want them to look. One tip on this step is to make sure that the oblong beads you see around the glass beads are fat enough that your glass bead doesn’t start sliding down. You’ll want to keep trying this on as you’re making it so that you can tell when to add your final big bead before starting on the anklet portion.

{Texas Craft House} Simple Barefoot Sandals

 I wanted to stay with the pattern of 10 small beads and one big bead so you can see how I continued it through the anklet portion. Be sure it’s a little bit loose around your ankle (like an anklet) so it’s comfortable to wear. You don’t want this to be too tight. I finished it off by putting the two strands through a big bead and then tying it off. We then used a crimper on the end to ensure that the tie wouldn’t come undone and we wouldn’t have to leave the long strings sticking out.

{Texas Craft House} Simple Barefoot Sandals

Here they are all done! My mother-in-law ended up making some barefoot sandals for every lady that was coming. She found out what everyone’s favorite colors were and went to work!

{Texas Craft House} Simple Barefoot Sandals

Hope you enjoyed this craft!! What colors would you have used for your barefoot sandals?

{Texas Craft House} Elisabeth

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