Personalized Holiday Wreath

I love decorating for holidays! A simple wreath on the front porch is an easy way to show your holiday spirit without going overboard! Here are the ones I made for Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day:

{Texas Craft House} Personalized Holiday Wreaths

For both wreaths I started with a wire wreath from JoAnn’s and tulle. Choose any extra embellishments that fit your style. For my Valentine wreath I used foam hearts I already had at home- I made this wreath last year, and so far it has held up pretty well outside in the elements, but know this set up won’t last forever (which is ok- cause I always need an excuse to make a new wreath!) I also used wooden letters from JoAnn’s, and painted them white. For the St. Patrick wreath, I took apart an old sign I used to hang up for the holiday and put it in the middle.

{Texas Craft House} Personalized Holiday Wreaths

To make the wreath, cut the tulle into strips (I made mine 15″x3″)- and I needed about 200 of them. Don’t worry about cutting them perfectly straight- it’s not obvious if they aren’t straight.

{Texas Craft House} Personalized Holiday Wreaths

Fold the tulle in half. Then put the tulle under the wreath, bring the tips over the front, loop through the hole, and pull. Easy right? Now just do it 199 more times 🙂

{Texas Craft House} Personalized Holiday Wreaths

Now you can change the look of your wreath by where you position the tulle. I like my wreath like the pic in the top left corner, so you can easily see the different colors on the wreath. You can make it ‘messy’ looking, like the top right corner, this really helps if you didn’t cut your strips perfectly. If you want the inside of your wreath to look fuller, try alternating the tulle strips where every other one is turned inward. You can make it look straight or messy.

{Texas Craft House} Personalized Holiday Wreaths

Then you can add your embellishments. For the Valentine wreath I actually tied everything on using fishing line. I recommend using hot glue though, I have found that tying everything with the fishing line gives the items room to move around, so the numbers shift around a little.

To hang the wreath, I have a cup hook on a pillar on my porch. I didn’t need to add anything to hang it, it easily hooked to the wire wreath between the tulle.

{Texas Craft House} Personalized Holiday Wreaths

And there you have it- a one of a kind holiday decoration! Keep an eye out for other holiday wreaths!

{Texas Craft House} Rachel

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