My Running Wall 

I love to run 5ks with my friends and family. We have done Foam Runs, Mud Runs, Color Runs, and even a Santa Run. At the end of each run, we always take a group photo. I have always loved these photos, because we are usually covered in something (mud, water, colored powder) and they remind me of that great feeling you have after finishing a run. 

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I have dedicated a small part of my garage to these great memories. I kept every race bib and have a great photo from the races, so I put them all together in this space. When I see this wall, it makes me want to get out and run. I also strive to find new fun races to keep adding to the wall! Coming up soon The Wipe Out Run!

{Texas Craft House} Run Wall

Recently I came up with the idea that I could use my projector like I did in my Room Transformation to add this inspirational quote! I’ll be sure to post when I get it done!

{Texas Craft House} Run Wall

Do you have a favorite fun run?

{Texas Craft House} Rachel

4 thoughts on “My Running Wall 

  1. This is a great idea! Great way to stay motivated. I can’t run to save my life. I’ve tried a couple times and I always end up in the fetal position on the sidewalk. I’m more of a strength training than cardio kinda gal (and even that, I slack on) but I envy people who enjoy this. Maybe I’ll give it another go. I’ve heard of a zombie run and I think that would be pretty awesome. The coloured powder one looks good too.

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    • The zombie run IS a lot of fun! Not only do you have your heart racing from the run itself, but your adrenaline is also racing because zombies can jump out at you at every turn! Don’t get discouraged about running- there is another quote that says ‘no matter how slow you go, you are passing everyone sitting on the couch’. You can’t start out a marathon runner, you get stronger with time, and the enjoyment grows when you start seeing yourself achieving new goals! Keep it up and thanks for checking out my blog! 🙂


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