Pebble Art

Elisabeth and I travel to Broken Bow, Oklahoma every year with our husbands. During our trip we plan a craft to do. It’s become sort of a tradition. This past year we decided to have fun with pebble art. We had so much fun collecting the perfect pieces and playing around with designs. Wait until you see what we came up with!
{Texas Craft House} Pebble or Rock Art

If you are looking for a quick weekend getaway Broken Bow, Oklahoma is perfect. From where we live it is only a four hour drive. You rent log cabins in the middle of a national forest to stay in. These cabins are completely furnished with everything you need from coffee, to towels to king sized beds. It is amazing. We make each meal an event by cooking something big and grand and spend the days visiting the area – hiking, local winery, golfing, antiquing, relaxing and at night we sit in the hot tub or have a fire and watch the stars. It’s so perfect. Elisabeth and I always plan a craft to do while there. The year before last we worked on her Winter Yarn Wreath and this past year we made our pebble art.

I wanted to make people standing on a cliff looking towards a star. I had to find large flat pieces of rock for the cliff and thin pieces for parts of the body. Here is a picture of the shadow box frame I found at a thrift store for $5.00. This made me even more happy about my little project.

{Texas Craft House} Pebble or Rock Art

I decided to hand mine in my guest bathroom. It goes great with the natural color scheme in there.

{Texas Craft House} Pebble or Rock Art

Elisabeth wanted to make a mosaic rock heart. It took some time for us to find the different sizes and shapes of rocks. It was like a big puzzle. Here is her completed heart.

{Texas Craft House} Pebble or Rock Art

While looking for the heart pebble pieces Elisabeth found a rock the looked just like the shape of a scottie dog body. This inspired her to find similar pieces and to create this beautiful scene…

{Texas Craft House} Pebble or Rock Art

She added details with a pen to help complete the piece.

{Texas Craft House} Pebble or Rock Art

Here are her pictures framed and in her living room beside the television.

{Texas Craft House} Pebble or Rock Art

We used hot glue to glue down our rocks and acrylic painting paper as the background. This paper is a little thicker and held up really well to the heat of the glue and weight of the rocks.

We’ve seen all kinds of pebble art ideas on Pinterest. What would you create with this idea?

{Texas Craft House} Cassie

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