Wipeout Run Dallas

Have you ever watched the popular TV game show “Wipeout” that aired a few years ago? It was all about larger than life obstacles spread out among a race with contestants willing to crash, smash and splash their way through the course? The obstacles were near impossible and the contestants looked like they were having fun but were in pain. Now that the show has ended, ROC Race and Wipeout joined forces to create a 5k inspired by these same ideas. This 5k, Wipeout Run, travels all around the country and recently came to Texas… Elisabeth, Rachel and I were up for the challenge. Get ready for some pictures and a video with all of the live action!
{Texas Craft House} Wipeout Run Dallas

Rachel suggested going as a group and giving ourselves the name “Golden Gladiators.” Elisabeth had extra fabric leftover from her Golden Birthday Party that she used to create skirts, arm cuffs and headbands to make our racing outfits. Travis still had his sequenced gold blazer which he sported through the event. We teamed up with 7 other friends to complete our team, John, Katy, Jill, George, Guido, Bri and Win. Several groups were there dressed up in tutus, colorful leggings, and costumes. Dressing up just adds to the fun. Here is a picture of us at the starting line.

{Texas Craft House} Wipeout Run Dallas

 The DJ warmed us up with some light stretching and dancing then counted us down and we were off. We kept up a light running pace and were passing several other racers who were finishing up and heading the opposite way. Some were covered in water, others had red elbows and knees but all were cheering us on and promising a good time. What were we in for?

{Texas Craft House} Wipeout Run Dallas

The first obstacle was the The Drop. It began as an inclined climbing wall complete with a rope for you to hoist yourself up to the top then you slid down the inflated slide back down to the bottom. This was the perfect warm up to get our day going.

{Texas Craft House} Wipeout Run Dallas

Next obstacle was  a giant slip in slide that was covered in water. Four racers could go at a time where they’d get a running start, jump with their arms stretched forward and slide through to the small pool of water at the end.

{Texas Craft House} Wipeout Run Dallas

The Sweeper came next. This obstacle was like standing on an inflatable wall and trying to outrun a giant “T” spinning around trying to make the racers fall off. The volunteer let us know we could run or crawl across. I tried the crawling method but Elisabeth raced right through without a problem.

{Texas Craft House} Wipeout Run Dallas

After The Sweeper we had The Big Balls. This obstacle had you stand on an inflatable ledge then hop among giant red balls. Keep in mind you are still wet from the slip and slide and everything was very slippery.

 {Texas Craft House} Wipeout Run Dallas

Next obstacle was the Foam of Fury which was another slip and slide but made of foam.

 {Texas Craft House} Wipeout Run Dallas

We were having a blast! The next task was to move through the Smash Wall. There were several wooden walls at varying heights for you to run, climb and hop over.

{Texas Craft House} Wipeout Run Dallas

We were on our last stretch of the 5k, soaking wet and having a blast!

{Texas Craft House} WIpeout Run Dallas

{Texas Craft House} Wipeout Run Dallas

Our next obstacle was the wrecking balls. This required a crane, a pool and life jackets! There were spinning inflatable beams running though the middle of a pool that was 4 feet deep. In the middle was a crane with giant balls spinning in a circle that you had to dodge to make it to the other side. Elisabeth was the only one in our group who made it all the way across!

{Texas Craft House} Wipeout Run Dallas

The last two obstacles were giant slides. The first slide you used an intertube, climbed up a giant wall then rode your way back down.

{Texas Craft House} Wipeout Run Dallas

{Texas Craft House} Wipeout Run Dallas

We finished the race with a second climb up an even taller inflated slide but were not given tubes, just ourselves and lots of water.

{Texas Craft House} Wipeout Run Dallas

{Texas Craft House} Wipeout Run Dallas

We had survived the most crash-tastic race on Earth and it was painfully funny! Check out the Wipeout Run’s website here to check and see if there is a race coming near you. We would HIGHLY recommend it, it was a BLAST!


Here is our Wipeout Run video with all of the live action!

What’s been your most memorable fun run?

{Texas Craft House} Cassie


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