Pottery Barn Mirror Knock Off

I recently purchased a large used mirror off of one of Facebook’s buy/sell/trade groups. The mirror is HUGE and very heavy and only cost me $10.00. I brought it home and hung it up but quickly realized it needed a major makeover.

{Texas Craft House} DIY Pottery Barn Knock Off Mirror using Metal Ribbon

My husband and I recently went to Pottery Barn. I love going for decor and craft ideas. Everything they have is amazing but it is hard for me to spend the money. I found this great decorative galvanized rimmed mirror for $299! Last week I showed you a craft (DIY Metal Orb) using new metal ribbon that I found at Hobby Lobby and knew that this same ribbon would work perfect for this Pottery Barn knock off idea.

Here are a couple of before pictures…


Like I said, the mirror is very nice and in great condition but……. but it’s just very… well… boring…


So I started by giving it a new paint job. I used the same chalk paint that I found at Wal-Mart when I made my Seasonal Wooden Blocks craft.


Then I picked out some metal ribbon that was extra wide. I used nearly 2 rolls that were regular $7.99 each but were 50% off. All these deals and materials I already had on hand made this project almost seem meant to be.


I used hot glue to attach the ribbon along the edge of the frame…


Then I folded it over and hot glued some more along the top rim of the ribbon.

{Texas Craft House} DIY Pottery Barn Knock Off Mirror using Metal Ribbon

Here is a picture of my almost finished wrapping and gluing. This was a little tedious only because I was trying desperately not to burn myself with the glue. Of course I’d chose the ribbon that would make gluing a little trickier.


And here is the completed project…


I am thrilled with how well it turned out!


Here is another reminder of what the mirror looked like in the before picture…

{Texas Craft House} DIY Pottery Barn Knock Off Mirror using Metal Ribbon

…and how it looks now that it’s beautiful!

{Texas Craft House} DIY Pottery Barn Knock Off Mirror using Metal Ribbon

I found my mirror for $10.00, used paint I already had and ribbon that cost me $8.00. This whole DIY was less than $20.00, not too bad considering it was based off of a mirror that was regular $299. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty proud of it!

What would you do with metal ribbon?

{Texas Craft House} Cassie

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