Americana Wreath

I love America and I love Texas! I’ve been wanting an American wreath for my front door for quite some time now and found inspiration from Pinterest. I bought all of my supplies from Michaels because they were cheaper there. If you’d like to order this wreath instead visit our Etsy shop!

{Texas Craft House} Check out this blog for easy steps on how to make this Americana Wreath


  • Wire wreath
  • Red burlap
  • Blue burlap
  • Traditional Burlap
  • Tin stars

{Texas Craft House} Americana Wreath

I have to admit I was a little intimidated by this wreath because I’d never done one like this, but once everything was said and done, I will make more like this! If you look at the wire wreath it’s sectioned out. I intended on only using two sections for the blue burlap, but I ran out of red and changed my plan to have three sections of blue. I started out by turning the wreath form over and tying the end of the traditional burlap into a knot, then I tied the end of the red burlap into a knot next to the burlap all within one section. (Be sure to tie these knots to the interior bars so they are easier to cover up when you start creating loops.)

{Texas Craft House} Americana Wreath

For the ruffles, take the burlap and push the strand through the bars one at a time, eventually you’ll have three ruffles. I made the ruffle the height I wanted and made sure to repeat this same size throughout the wreath. I alternated brown and red throughout the wreath. Each bar to bar section has three rows of ruffles – so nine ruffles in each section. If you run out of burlap just grab a new roll, tie and continue with the ruffles.

{Texas Craft House} Americana Wreath

I made sure that when I alternated I twisted the burlap I was going to use so the back was flat, check out the picture below.

{Texas Craft House} Americana Wreath

Once I finished the brown and red I did three sections of blue.

{Texas Craft House} Americana Wreath

I had the idea to use a white starfish, but when I saw the tin stars in Michaels I knew they were just what I needed.

{Texas Craft House} Americana Wreath

I attached them with twine, each star already had a hole pre-drilled.

{Texas Craft House} Americana Wreath

You can see in my supplies picture that I bought ribbon to mimick Dally Up’s wreath, but I decided that I liked it the way it was. If you’re looking for something more floral stay tuned for Rachel’s Americana Wreath!

{Texas Craft House} Americana Wreath

I love having this on my door and getting to be patriotic!

{Texas Craft House} Elisabeth

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