How to make a Horseshoe Star

So as you saw in an earlier post I made a Fishing Cooler for my aunt and she loved it! I also gave her the Americana Wreath when Cassie and Elisabeth taught the class a few months ago. So naturally when she found something that she liked online, she sent me the picture and asked me to make it for her. Here’s how I made the red, white, and blue horseshoe star!

{Texas Craft House} How to a Make Horseshoe StarI am never one to say no to a craft! The first thing I had to do was find horseshoes. I called the antique place where I found the eagle for my cousin’s wedding present. They had tons of scrap iron pieces there so I was sure they would have some antique horseshoes. To my surprise they didn’t and they didn’t even know where to send me. So I tried a local tractor supply/feed store, Gebo’s, and they had some! Lucky for me, they were cheap too, at only $2 a piece! This turned out to be even better than finding antique horseshoes because they were smooth and did not need to be cleaned.

{Texas Craft House} How to a Make Horseshoe Star

To glue them together I used Devon Eboxy that bonds metal. I was really worried about using it, because I didn’t think it would hold well, but I was wrong, it holds amazing! I used it on any area where two horseshoes touched, just to be safe. I would recommend this glue for any metal project you have. It comes in two tubes, and you have to mix it together before applying. It dries pretty fast, so don’t make too much at one time.

{Texas Craft House} How to a Make Horseshoe Star

I also had some extra heavy duty picture hangers leftover from my cousin’s eagle project- so I used the glue to glue one on the back.

{Texas Craft House} How to a Make Horseshoe Star

Once the glue was dry, I started painting it. I used acrylic paint, because I already had that laying around. It took several coats of paint to cover the horseshoe, and if I were to make another one (which I know I will), I think I will spray paint them. The paint was very time consuming! I then covered the entire thing with a clear coat of spray paint. Acrylic paint isn’t exactly made to handle the elements, so I was trying to prolong its life.

{Texas Craft House} How to a Make Horseshoe Star

Next, I grabbed a small piece of rope, strung it through the picture hanger, and tied a knot in it. The horseshoes could be hung on a nail by just the picture hanger, but I thought the rope gave it a more rustic feel.

{Texas Craft House} How to a Make Horseshoe Star

I gave this to my aunt and she loved it! What’s been your favorite craft to recreate?

{Texas Craft House} Rachel

8 thoughts on “How to make a Horseshoe Star

  1. Love this craft! and your blog! As I was reading your stuff I realized we used the same blog format. No wonder I felt at home reading it. Thanks for the cool horseshoes, sending it to my friend who moved from WI to TX this year.

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