Spring Burlap Wreath

Happy Easter!

Here is a charming spring wreath with alternating colors of yellow and blue with a pop of pink from a big, fun bow. Today’s tutorial requires no glue, just a straw wreath form and floral pins. My finger tips thanked me for leaving the hot glue boxed away for this craft!


I used an 18 inch wreath form, a package of floral pins and two colors of burlap ribbon. I’ve seen these wreaths with one solid color and they look great too. When it was all said and done I needed 3 rolls of each color, I needed to stop mid-craft to go pick up a couple more rolls.


These are the floral pins. I grabbed the bigger bag to keep extra on hand. I knew I’d be making more wreaths like the one today and wanted to keep them handy.


First I just took the yellow ribbon and secured it to the straw wreath form using one of those floral pins. I left the straw wreath form wrapped in the clear plastic just to keep things a little cleaner and tight.


After wrapping the yellow all the way around I used another pin to attach the end. All of this will be covered so looks don’t matter so much here.


Then I cut 4×4 inch squares out of the blue burlap ribbon.


I folded the square into a triangle…


…then pulled the outer corners in back to the center…


… and pinned it to the wreath.


Then I started cutting out the rest of the burlap ribbon into squares. This part took longer than anything else.


Here is a picture of the wreath about a fourth of the way finished. I did 2 rows of blue with 5 of those 4×4 inch squares in each row and repeated the process for the yellow.


If you don’t like the position of one of the folded triangles it’s easy to pull the pin out and reposition.


My folded triangles didn’t get pinned to the back. I wanted the wreath to be able to lay flat against the door or wall.


Finally, finished! I combed through the little triangles and moved any pins that were still peeking through.


I loved how the wreath looked just like this but knew it needed some kind of embellishment.


So I added a bright pink bow to continue with the spring color scheme.


Here is the finalized wreath hanging in it’s new home. I love how it’s slightly turned and that the bow isn’t centered.


If you liked this wreath tutorial we have many more throughout this blog. Simply type in “wreath” using the search bar on the right hand side of the screen or find us Pinterest and Etsy for other ideas.

Elisabeth and I love making wreaths. We even started hosting wreath parties where customers choose what wreath they like (an idea they already have in mind or find something on pinterest to replicate) and we teach them and their friends how to make it. We even provide all the materials and clean up. There is more information at the Wreath Parties tab at the top of our blog. It’s so much fun to hear people say, “I didn’t realize how much went into making wreath!” or “I can’t wait to make another!” “Now I know how to make wreaths!”

{Texas Craft House} Cassie



5 thoughts on “Spring Burlap Wreath

    • I’m not sure staples would hold it well. The floral pins are in the floral department. Mine were right next to the green foam wreath forms.


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