Placemat Garden Flag

Good morning!

I’ve always wanted a garden flag to add some personality to my front landscaping and recently heard of an idea to use a place mat to create your own. I grabbed a neutral color place mat at the store and went with the idea and it worked out great! If you don’t have a vinyl cutter or heat press you could use a stencil and some fabric paint to easily make one too.


This place mat was at Wal-Mart for around $3.00.


I used my Silhouette Studio to create the image I wanted for the flag. When I cut HTV I always use my blade at a 2, speed at a 5 and thickness at a 10.


Don’t forget to flip the image horizontally. I managed to flip the big monogram but somehow missed flipping my last name in the middle so I had to cut that part again afterwards.


I folded the place mat and added some hot glue along the edge. Just make sure to leave the opening wide enough for the edge of the flag holder to wiggle it’s way in there.


Then I placed the image on the place mat, set my heat press for 325 degrees and pressed for 25 seconds.


Just peel the clear transfer paper off and you’re all done!


Here is a picture of the flag on the flag stand. I found my stand on Amazon for around $10. I went to Dollar Tree a week ago and saw some there, too. That’s usually my luck. 🙂


Here it is proudly displayed outside!


I can’t wait to make new flags according to the months or holidays. Using a place mat made this craft quick and easy. I’ll definitely be using the mats again to make more!

Happy Spring!

{Texas Craft House} Cassie

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