Hi, this is Cassie and Elisabeth. We are owners and authors of texascrafthouse.com which features crafts, fabrics, home decor, up-cycling projects, recipes, party ideas and much more.

We originally began in 2012 when we decided to join our love and passion for all things crafting and share it with others with our first blog, ConnoisseurofCreativity.blogspot.com. It has been quite the adventure with lots of learning in between. Our hope was and still is to inspire others to try something new or to take some time out of everyday life to engage in a favorite hobby. With the new year we decided to give ourselves a little makeover and move our “operation” to a website, updated with easier to access pages and a whole new look and name.

At texascrafthouse.com you’ll find step-by-step photo instructions for all things craft. We share tips, products, and prices of projects as well. We gain inspiration from other blogs, pinterest, antiquing, thrifting, and collaboration. If you have any suggestions of something you would like to try or see featured here please leave a comment as we are always looking for input.

Elisabeth and I grew up outside of the state of Texas and came at different points in our lives. We both agree that this is best state and we want to stay right here. We like to say, “We weren’t born here but we got here as fast as we could.” We met through a mutual friend after participating in a wedding and soon learned that our bond and interests were something unique and special. We share similar ideas, hobbies and values but we are just different enough to keep things entertaining. We are both married and living in the DFW area.

Thank you for visiting.

Email us at: texascrafthouse@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “About

  1. I absolutely enjoy this site, and even more the products! The baby apparel for my newborn niece were nothing short of FABULOCITY:) I plan on sharing with everyone. Thanks for the great service, the convenient experience and more importantly the personal touch! Such a blessing to work with wonderful Godly Women!!


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