How to Make Your Own Felt Christmas Stockings

Hi Everyone!

It is Christmas in July, right? I wanted to share these stockings I made a couple of years ago for my hubby, myself and our cats – and now that we have two new Scottie puppies I want them to have stockings as well! I went ahead and took step by step photos this time so that anyone else can make their own stockings too. I loved the elf stocking shape and could not find stockings in the store that I liked or where reasonably priced so I decided ‘Why not try to make my own?’

{Texas Craft House} Learn How To Make Your Own Christmas Stalkings With This Easy DIY

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Puerto Rican Flag from Beer Caps

I’ve been wanting to do this craft for my dad for sometime now and I am so excited to share it with you! For Father’s Day, I made my dad a Puerto Rican flag out of beer caps to hang in his garage because he loves beer. The best part about this project is I already had everything, so I didn’t spend a single penny making this!

{Texas Craft House} Ever wondered what to do with those beer caps you're saving? Check this how to!

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Adriana’s Bachelorette Weekend Floating the River

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending my friend, Adriana’s, bachelorette party. Let me tell you, we had a blast despite the unusual May rain we were experiencing in Texas. Adriana chose to have her bachelorette party floating the river outside of San Marcos, in Texas hill country. We stayed for two nights at some great cabins, Hideout on the Horseshoe, on the Guadalupe River. The best part about these cabins is you can stay and float which means your tubes to float are included and you can get off right in front of the cabins! I wanted to not only share our fun trip, but the crafts some of us made for Adriana and the girls attending.

{Texas Craft House} Bachelorette Party Weekend Idea: Float the Guadalupe River and Two Step in Gruene Hall

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Unboxing My New Embroidery Machine!

I’ve been wanting to get an embroidery machine for quite some time now. This year for my birthday my mom took me out and let me pick one out! To my surprise it wasn’t as easy as walking into a store and picking out the one I wanted. Turns out, I had no idea what I wanted and I actually needed to do a decent amount of research before deciding on one. We spent a couple of days over several weeks visiting sewing centers before I decided on the Husqvarna Viking Ruby Royale embroidery machine. I bought my machine from JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores, in the Viking Sewing Center and I like to call her Ruby, original I know 😉

{Texas Craft House} Unboxing my new Viking Husqvarna Ruby Royale Embroidery Machine

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Red, White, and Blue Trifle


I wanted to share my favorite dessert for the summer and of course Memorial Day and Fourth of July! It’s become my signature dessert 🙂 I found the idea on Pinterest and the recipe is from It’s so delicious and no one is the wiser that it’s fat free! I’m really growing fond of trifle bowl desserts because it is so easy to layer in the ingredients and go!

{Texas Craft House} Red, White, and Blue Trifle

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Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Here’s another money saving DIY that I did for my wedding! I made my own Wedding Invitations and Save The Dates!! Since we had a destination wedding in Jamaica I decided that having a Passport and Boarding Pass themed invite would be perfect! And I figured out how I could use both options! I decided to do a passport invitation for the wedding in Jamaica and a boarding pass invitation for the At Home Reception.

{Texas Craft House} Save Money by Making Your Own Wedding Invitations

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DIY Vera Bradley Camera Strap Covers

For Christmas a few years ago, I made my little sister two camera strap covers for her Nikon DSLR camera. I went to JoAnn’s and picked a hounds tooth fabric that I knew she would love. I also got ahold of her favorite Vera Bradley pattern, Twirly Birds in Navy, by buying cloth napkins from the website. Naturally, I got the idea from Pinterest and used the tutorial from

{Texas Craft House} DIY Vera Bradley Camera Strap Cover

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