Travis’ Golden Birthday

Now that I know what Golden Birthdays are I couldn’t resist throwing one for my hubby. He’s less decisive than I am, so planning this shindig was literally only a couple of days before the get together took place. Travis decided that he wanted to go on a Cowtown Cycle in Fort Worth for his birthday and can I say it was a BLAST even if my butt was sore for a few days afterward.

{Texas Craft House} T's Golden Birthday Cowtown Cycle

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Road Trip to Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Every October Elisabeth and I, along with our husbands, travel to Broken Bow, Oklahoma for a weekend of fun and relaxation. We rent a huge cabin, buy all kinds of snacks and groceries and spend our evenings sitting around a fire pit and looking at the stars. I can’t wait to share with you all of our fun and pictures from our trip last week! If you’ve never been to Broken Bow it is the best place to spend with your spouse, family or friends – it’s a hidden secret that is waiting for your adventures.

{Texas Craft House} Road trip to Broken Bow, Oklahoma

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A Visit to the Dominican: Punta Cana

Elisabeth and I started a new tradition of traveling every year together with our husbands. We have been going to Broken Bow, Oklahoma every fall and “glamping” in super nice log cabins in a national forest. Last year we started traveling outside of the country together. We recently posted our Cancun adventure here and had an unforgettable time. We loved Mexico but wanted to venture out this year to somewhere new. We just got back from our trip in the Dominican Republic and can’t wait to tell you about our time in Punta Cana.

{Texas Craft House} Full blog review of the all-inclusive Sanctuary Cap Cana in the Dominican

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Craft Class at The Creative Cactus

This year has been amazing. As many of you may know, we started out 4 years ago as a blog called, “Connoisseur of Creativity.” We loved that blog and will always remember where and how we began, but we decided with the new year that we needed a new name, new look and we needed to really start turning our dreams into reality. Texas Craft House was born in January and we hit the ground running – we are crafting more, blogging more, doing craft booths, opened an Etsy account, and started teaching craft classes at a local art and craft studio. This was a wonderful opportunity and we had so much fun teaching our first class on how to make Elisabeth’s very popular Americana wreath.

{Texas Craft House} Teaching adult craft classes at the Creative Cactus in Justin, Texas

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Pallet Sign for Lonestar Taps & Caps

Not too long ago, Elisabeth was working outside in her yard with her husband and they struck up a conversation with a passing neighbor who noticed the kegerater in their garage. Rick, the owner of “LoneStar Taps & Caps” asked where they bought their kegs from. He was excited to hear them say “LoneStar Beverages” in Carrollton, TX because he and his dad, Sam, owned the shop. Rick began telling them about a business idea for a craft beer growler fill station that he was working on opening close by. The first time Elisabeth and Travis went in they could not stop raving about the shop, it was still fairly new but it was already becoming the talk of the town. After we opened Texas Craft House, Elisabeth came up with the idea to do some kind of pallet sign for the shop and expressed how we would love to make a sign for LoneStar Taps & Caps to showcase. Rick agreed and our adventure began.

{Texas Craft House} Pallet wood and bottle cap sign for Lone Star Taps and Caps in The Colony
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Adriana’s Bachelorette Weekend Floating the River

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending my friend, Adriana’s, bachelorette party. Let me tell you, we had a blast despite the unusual May rain we were experiencing in Texas. Adriana chose to have her bachelorette party floating the river outside of San Marcos, in Texas hill country. We stayed for two nights at some great cabins, Hideout on the Horseshoe, on the Guadalupe River. The best part about these cabins is you can stay and float which means your tubes to float are included and you can get off right in front of the cabins! I wanted to not only share our fun trip, but the crafts some of us made for Adriana and the girls attending.

{Texas Craft House} Bachelorette Party Weekend Idea: Float the Guadalupe River and Two Step in Gruene Hall

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Wipeout Run Dallas

Have you ever watched the popular TV game show “Wipeout” that aired a few years ago? It was all about larger than life obstacles spread out among a race with contestants willing to crash, smash and splash their way through the course? The obstacles were near impossible and the contestants looked like they were having fun but were in pain. Now that the show has ended, ROC Race and Wipeout joined forces to create a 5k inspired by these same ideas. This 5k, Wipeout Run, travels all around the country and recently came to Texas… Elisabeth, Rachel and I were up for the challenge. Get ready for some pictures and a video with all of the live action!
{Texas Craft House} Wipeout Run Dallas

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Top 10 Things to Consider When Planning a Destination Wedding

My husband and I knew that we wanted to have a destination wedding after getting engaged on the beach in Rivieria Maya, Mexico. Lucky for us, our parents completely supported that idea. I used for all of my questions and many of my craft ideas. The other pro is the total cost of the wedding. Did you know the average wedding today costs $30,000?! And this doesn’t include your honeymoon! We got married in Lucea, Jamaica at the Grand Palladium Resort and spent a little over $9,000! That included the 9 day all-inclusive hotel, flights, decor, invitations, my dress, his outfit, our at home reception and everything that came with planning it.

{Texas Craft House} Top 10 Things to Consider When Planning a Destination Wedding

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