How to Make Your Own Felt Christmas Stockings

Hi Everyone!

It is Christmas in July, right? I wanted to share these stockings I made a couple of years ago for my hubby, myself and our cats – and now that we have two new Scottie puppies I want them to have stockings as well! I went ahead and took step by step photos this time so that anyone else can make their own stockings too. I loved the elf stocking shape and could not find stockings in the store that I liked or where reasonably priced so I decided ‘Why not try to make my own?’

{Texas Craft House} Learn How To Make Your Own Christmas Stalkings With This Easy DIY

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Embroidered Burp Cloths

This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to a friend’s baby shower, I love shopping off of registries and buying a cute little outfit for the mom to be. This time I was determined to make a special gift, and I decided on embroidered burp cloths. My friend is having a little boy so I wanted to make burp cloths with little neckties on them.

{Texas Craft House} How to for Personalized Embroidered Burp Cloths. Also available for purchase at

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DIY Vera Bradley Camera Strap Covers

For Christmas a few years ago, I made my little sister two camera strap covers for her Nikon DSLR camera. I went to JoAnn’s and picked a hounds tooth fabric that I knew she would love. I also got ahold of her favorite Vera Bradley pattern, Twirly Birds in Navy, by buying cloth napkins from the website. Naturally, I got the idea from Pinterest and used the tutorial from

{Texas Craft House} DIY Vera Bradley Camera Strap Cover

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Make Your Own Hobbes Stuffed Animal

When my friend, Kristi, was pregnant with Zach, her husband, Josh, came up with the cutest idea to have a Calvin and Hobbes themed nursery. Josh grew up loving Calvin and Hobbes and wanted to share that love with their son. They mentioned wanting to look online to see if they could buy Zach his very own Hobbes plush and that’s where I come in! Of course I volunteered to try to make one myself and lucky for me I found a great how to here from instructables! By the way, I love this picture! It’s like Zach and Hobbes are in cahoots over something!

{Texas Craft House} Making Your Own Hobbes Stuffed Animal

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Bedazzled Game Day Shirts

It’s Opening Day at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas!!! Have I mentioned yet that this is my favorite day of the year?? Baseball to me is America, the tailgating, the flyover, the game! I love everything about it! The best part about the Texas Rangers is my husband and I share the same passion for them, making it everything that much more fun. Beautiful right?

{Texas Craft House} How to bedazzle your game day shirt

Today I want to share a quick craft I came up with after learning how to use a hot fix tool when I made my Bride Shorts. All I had to do was go and get a t-shirt with my favorite player, Pitcher Derek Holland is mine, on it and then put crystals on the shirt!

{Texas Craft House} How to bedazzle your game day shirt

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Make Your Own Lace Crystal Wedding Garter

I’m sharing the garter that I made for my wedding! Cassie and I made our own garters and we got the idea from this website! Even though we loved these garters we knew that we wouldn’t be spending $190 on a garter we would wear for just one day. To make mine I found elastic lace from a local fabric shop in downtown Dallas and found the perfect crystal applique online at Glorys House to attach. Total I spent under $15, can you believe that!?!

{Texas Craft House} Make Your Own Lace Garter


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