Cat Scratching Post

Earlier this week I mentioned how my husband and I started picking up the backyard. The weather has been so nice and we’ve been motivated to make things look good again. We’ve had an eyesore right at our patio for the past couple of months. My cat was using our house post as a scratching post… it was wearing down and discoloring and just looking awful. That’s when I had the idea to cover it with jute… I figured as Sophie, our cat, used it we could easily replace it when it needed an update again. Let’s face it… a cat’s gonna do what a cat wants to do.

{Texas Craft House} Cat Scratching Post

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DIY Natural Fly Repellent

It is finally starting to feel like spring around here. My husband and I spent this past week cleaning up our flower beds, trimming our landscape and picking up the patio. We love this weather and are looking forward to grilling and entertaining again. I’ve noticed just a couple of flies out and about now that the weather is warming up and which prompted me to prep my DIY natural fly repellent to be proactive.

{Texas Craft House} DIY Natural Fly Repellent

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My Running Wall 

I love to run 5ks with my friends and family. We have done Foam Runs, Mud Runs, Color Runs, and even a Santa Run. At the end of each run, we always take a group photo. I have always loved these photos, because we are usually covered in something (mud, water, colored powder) and they remind me of that great feeling you have after finishing a run. 

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How To Get Wax Out of Furniture

So the other night, Hubby was playing with our cat, Tobias, when the worst happened. They knocked over a burning candle all over my new couch! There was wax all over it, needless to say, I was extremely upset and never thought the wax would come out. I started to search ways to get wax out of furniture and found several different ideas. I figured what could it hurt to try some of these. The very first how-to I used worked, Here! All you will need is a paper bag and an iron!

{Texas Craft House} How to get wax out of furniture

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Free Kitchen Printable

My sister recently purchased a print off of Etsy for her kitchen. I thought it had a lot of character and the saying was just perfect – I wanted one for myself. I set about creating my own printable, but this one is free. You heard me right… FREE! At the end of this post there will be a link to a PDF with the same saying and 10 different colors to choose from. Simply print, cut and frame. It’s that simple!

{Texas Craft House} FREE Kitchen printable - just print and add to a frame

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Installing Your Own Faux Drawers

I love my kitchen, like a lot! I made a lot of changes to the floor plan and had my builder put things where I wanted in order to get a bigger pantry. There were a couple of things I did not have the builder do because it wasn’t worth the cost. This included cabinet hardware (knobs and drawer pulls) the faux drawers that go under the sink, and the light pendants that hang over the island. I’m going to share how my husband and I installed the faux drawers under our kitchen sink. Our builder was going to charge at least $100 a drawer, if I remember correctly, and that was money I wanted to put elsewhere! These cost $9.98 each, so I saved over $180 doing it myself!
{Texas Craft House} Installing your own Faux Drawers

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