Drawer Pulls as Decorative Bottle Stoppers

Today’s craft is a bottle stopper made with drawer pulls. I found my drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby but World Market has a great selection too. It would be fun to make some of these using antique knobs found at thrift stores or while antiquing.

{Texas Craft House} DIY drawer pulls as decorative bottle stoppers

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Simple Scarf or Belt Hanger

Here is a cute way to hang your scarves and belts. I have a small section of wall in my closet that was just wasted space until I did this little trick. Now my belts and scarves are hung up neatly and easy to see, and they don’t take up space on the bars where I hang my clothes.

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Introducing Guest Blogger Rachel!!!

Today I wanted to introduce our first official guest blogger Rachel! I have really grown close to Rachel in the last year and what I love the most about her is her heart. She puts everyone first, and puts her free time into giving back to the community and organizations that help others by volunteering her time or donating items or money. She is most involved with Bri Bri’s Projects and My Possibilities both based out of the DFW area.

{Texas Craft House} Golden Birthday{Texas Craft House} Santa Run for My Possibilities

Click below to see what she has already contributed!

Game Day Football Cupcakes

Laundry Room Transformation

What sets Rachel apart from the average person is putting others first comes naturally to her. Whenever there is a problem her solution always involves giving in some form. When Rachel isn’t volunteering she’s baking for other people or making things for others. Her heart is pure gold and I’m excited for the posts that she will bring to Texas Craft House!

{Texas Craft House} Elisabeth

Custom Etch Your Own Wine Glasses

I have this awesome friend who remembered me at Christmas time and I wanted to think of a unique fun gift to give to her. Her last name is Stahr, so I love to call her ‘J Star’ since her first name starts with a J. While thinking of gift ideas I finally came up with the brilliant idea to etch her nickname in stemless wine glasses. I etched the letter J inside of a Star.

{Texas Craft House} Etch Your Own Wine Glasses

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