Ruffled Lamp Shade DIY

It’s been pouring here in Fort Worth, Texas. Tropical Storm Bill made it through our area dropping 4″ – 6″ of rain through the DFW metroplex. Rainy days make for the perfect craft days. I turned an old lampshade into something fresh and new with a no sew way to apply fabric. You only need 3 materials, all of which I already had, and some time set aside to make this lovely little ruffled lamp shade.
{Texas Craft House} Give an old lampshade a new makeover with this great DIY no sew ruffle look using fabric

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Light Pendants as Candle Holders

Thrifting is the best weekend therapy after a long work week.  I love digging and searching for the random goodies, especially when you don’t have anything in mind that you need or want. Whenever you find something that gets your heart beating, that’s hidden beneath the rubble pile that’s when you know you’ve hit the jackpot. My grandmother likes to call them “treasures” and I’ve been using that term ever since. Today’s treasure is a set of hammered glass light pendants that I used for these unique candle holders.

{Texas Craft House} Reuse light pendants and fixtures as candle holders

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DIY Natural Fly Repellent

It is finally starting to feel like spring around here. My husband and I spent this past week cleaning up our flower beds, trimming our landscape and picking up the patio. We love this weather and are looking forward to grilling and entertaining again. I’ve noticed just a couple of flies out and about now that the weather is warming up and which prompted me to prep my DIY natural fly repellent to be proactive.

{Texas Craft House} DIY Natural Fly Repellent

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DIY Fabric Covered Vanity Stool or Chair

When we bought our first home the master bathroom was (and still is) gorgeous. The homeowners actually opted out of the jacuzzi, which comes standard in most homes now, and that left us with an open floor plan in the master bathroom. This includes room for a “his and hers” side of the bathroom. Mine has useful pull-out drawers (instead of cabinets) and a long vanity (I had always wanted one). Immediately I took to finding a vanity stool for my little pampering space… It wouldn’t be me without a little DIY.

{Texas Craft House} Easy DIY on a fabric covered vanity stool

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Bucket List and Retirement Party

I am a teacher at a local school. My team and I hosted a retirement party in honor of one of our team members, Karen, who will be leaving after 32 years. We are so sad to see her go but were excited to throw a celebration in her honor. We put our minds together and quickly had the perfect theme and layout planned. These table settings and decor ideas would go great with really any party, baby shower or get together.

{Texas Craft House} Bucket List Craft and Retirement Party Ideas

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Weight Loss Visual Motivation

Are you losing steam on your New Year’s resolution? Try this to keep up the motivation…

This year I decided to really try and make better choices to lose weight and get healthier. I am doing great but am a visual person. I love tracking my weight on my phone app but after I turn it off that’s it. I made these jars (after finding the idea on pinterest) to help have a daily, visual reminder of my progress.

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