Inexpensive Dog Potty Training Bell

My Scottish Terriers, Murphy and Tiffany, are both 1 year old, with Murphy being just a few months older than Tiffany. I loved the idea of training them to use a bell instead of scratching the door to let us know when they needed to go outside and potty, but I did not love the price tag of the potty training bells available in pet stores. I thought $20 was really expensive for bells on a colorful ribbon, so I started brainstorming. I wanted something that would match my decor and not stick out against the wall. Here’s what I came up with for less than $5!

{Texas Craft House} Make Your Own Inexpensive Dog Potty Training Bell

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Baseball Wreath

My sister came over and wanted to make a wreath in honor of the upcoming baseball season. She scored (no pun intended!) a bucket full of antique baseballs from one of her friends and knew they would be prefect to display in this wreath… AND… I knew just the bow to top it with.

{Texas Craft House} Baseball wreath and how to make the perfect bow!

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Flower Rosette Tutorial for Tulle, Fabric, Burlap and Ribbon

Last week I showed you a “How to Make the Perfect Bow.” I figured out the secret trick by going to my local craft store, finding a pre-made bow and inspecting the craftsmanship. That same day I found some flower rosettes for sale… 3/$8.99. The lady shopping next to me looked at me funny when I started to gasp, take a picture and frantically text Elisabeth. $9 for a rosette was CRAZY! They are so easy and cost virtually nothing.
{Texas Craft House} Flower rosette tutorial for tulle, fabric, ribbon and burlap. These cute little flowers can go on headbands, tutus, home decor, mason jars, gift wrap, anything!

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