Cat Scratching Post

Earlier this week I mentioned how my husband and I started picking up the backyard. The weather has been so nice and we’ve been motivated to make things look good again. We’ve had an eyesore right at our patio for the past couple of months. My cat was using our house post as a scratching post… it was wearing down and discoloring and just looking awful. That’s when I had the idea to cover it with jute… I figured as Sophie, our cat, used it we could easily replace it when it needed an update again. Let’s face it… a cat’s gonna do what a cat wants to do.

{Texas Craft House} Cat Scratching Post

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Personalized Pet Food Containers

I love vinyl because in no time you have a completed craft and something cute to show off! I bought these 22lb Pet Food Containers from The Container Store when they were having a sale. We have two cats and two Scottish Terriers and one of our cats is a bit on the heavy side so I knew these containers would be hard and hopefully impossible for her to topple over and break into. You may be laughing, but I’m being completely honest! Since I bought two of the same container I needed to differentiate the two so that it was easier to tell who’s food you’re getting. Insert quick vinyl project here!

{Texas Craft House} Personalized Pet Food Container

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Easy Fox Ears – Make it Yourself

I am a school teacher and yesterday we had a “Dr. Seuss Dress Up Day” in honor of his birthday and Read Across America earlier in the week. My team and I decided we wanted to be foxes from the Dr. Seuss book, “Fox in Socks.” We already had most of the outfit (red shirt, blue socks) in our closets but needed some ears to complete the look. Here is an easy tutorial on how to make your own ears, whether it be foxes, cats, dogs, or any other animal.

{Texas Craft House} Easy fox ears - make it yourself for a costume or dress up day - could use this same idea for cat ears too!

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