Red, Chevron and Natural Burlap Christmas Wreath

Elisabeth and I have started hosting in-home craft parties and we were very blessed this weekend to have had our very first one. We love the red, chevron and natural burlap wreath Jill chose to create with her friends and family and we are excited to teach you how to make it here!

{Texas Craft House} Red, chevron and natural burlap Christmas wreath with a 6 loop bow - easy tutorial with lots of pictures!

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Scrap Burlap Monogram Wreath

So, if you follow this blog regularly, you can see that we love our wreaths!! Elisabeth, Cassie and I have wreaths for every season/holiday. Weeks ago, I joked with Elisabeth because I have made a wreath for everything imaginable and now I don’t have any more occasions to create a new wreath! Lucky for me, Elisabeth and I were out with my best friend, Jill, and we were talking about the Americana Wreath we had made and Jill made a comment that she wanted a wreath like that. She said she loves seeing all the nice wreaths in her neighborhood and wanted her own. Her birthday was only a month a way, so I now knew what I was going to get her!

{Texas Craft House} Scrap Burlap Initial Wreath How-to

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