Nautical Bathroom Trash Can

I already made my own nautical themed shower curtain- which you can see here. So now I wanted to make some accessories to go in my bathroom. I was able to make this anchor trash can for under $10 just by using things I already had around the house! I bought a package of rope for $9.27 (after tax) at Lowes.

{Texas Craft House} Here's a simple DIY to refresh your bathroom trash can with a nautical theme.

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Patriotic Mason Jar Citronella Candles 

So my Aunt absolutely loves the Fourth of July. Every year it’s a big extravaganza at her house on Independence Day. Everyone gathers around and spends the entire day outside…. Then at night we set off fireworks. Problem is, bugs eat us alive!! I wanted to make a practical gift for her that she could keep out for decoration and help with the bug problem. So here are the mason jars I turned into citronella candles and painted like the American flag.

{Texas Craft House} How to turn mason jars into Patriotic Citronella Candles

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Unboxing My New Embroidery Machine!

I’ve been wanting to get an embroidery machine for quite some time now. This year for my birthday my mom took me out and let me pick one out! To my surprise it wasn’t as easy as walking into a store and picking out the one I wanted. Turns out, I had no idea what I wanted and I actually needed to do a decent amount of research before deciding on one. We spent a couple of days over several weeks visiting sewing centers before I decided on the Husqvarna Viking Ruby Royale embroidery machine. I bought my machine from JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores, in the Viking Sewing Center and I like to call her Ruby, original I know 😉

{Texas Craft House} Unboxing my new Viking Husqvarna Ruby Royale Embroidery Machine

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Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Here’s another money saving DIY that I did for my wedding! I made my own Wedding Invitations and Save The Dates!! Since we had a destination wedding in Jamaica I decided that having a Passport and Boarding Pass themed invite would be perfect! And I figured out how I could use both options! I decided to do a passport invitation for the wedding in Jamaica and a boarding pass invitation for the At Home Reception.

{Texas Craft House} Save Money by Making Your Own Wedding Invitations

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Make Your Own Hobbes Stuffed Animal

When my friend, Kristi, was pregnant with Zach, her husband, Josh, came up with the cutest idea to have a Calvin and Hobbes themed nursery. Josh grew up loving Calvin and Hobbes and wanted to share that love with their son. They mentioned wanting to look online to see if they could buy Zach his very own Hobbes plush and that’s where I come in! Of course I volunteered to try to make one myself and lucky for me I found a great how to here from instructables! By the way, I love this picture! It’s like Zach and Hobbes are in cahoots over something!

{Texas Craft House} Making Your Own Hobbes Stuffed Animal

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IKEA Hack: Lantern turned into Bedside Light

I love the beach! So I decorated one of my spare bedrooms in a beach theme and I had the hardest time finding the right light for the bedside. Granted today the beach theme is very popular and there are very cute light options out there now that I would have purchased had the options been available. Since things weren’t available, I decided that I wanted to make my own light after finding the Morkt Lantern at IKEA that perfectly matched the color scheme in the room.

{Texas Craft House} IKEA Hack: Morkt Lantern Turned into a Bedside Light

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Inexpensive Dog Potty Training Bell

My Scottish Terriers, Murphy and Tiffany, are both 1 year old, with Murphy being just a few months older than Tiffany. I loved the idea of training them to use a bell instead of scratching the door to let us know when they needed to go outside and potty, but I did not love the price tag of the potty training bells available in pet stores. I thought $20 was really expensive for bells on a colorful ribbon, so I started brainstorming. I wanted something that would match my decor and not stick out against the wall. Here’s what I came up with for less than $5!

{Texas Craft House} Make Your Own Inexpensive Dog Potty Training Bell

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Vertical Cork Board from Wine Corks

I had a huge stash of wine corks saved up and several ideas on how to use them! I had already made my mom an awesome monogram cork board, but discovered I didn’t have the space for one of my own. I do however have this support pillar in my kitchen that needed some oomph. That’s when I saw the idea to use a yard stick to make a vertical cork board on Pinterest. Lucky for me, I had just scooped up a yard stick at Lowe’s for $2.98!

{Texas Craft House} Make a vertical cork board from a yard stick and wine corks

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