Paint Brush Holder Tutorial

My mom recently made some life changes to pursue her dream of becoming a professional artist. This past weekend she participated in her first art show – out of 400 applicants she was 1 of the 60 chosen to be show cased. It was so much fun to see her beaming while listening to the comments from the judges and potential buyers. I am so proud of  her and all that she has accomplished already that I wanted to make her something special. After visiting her the other day I noticed her paint brushes were sprawled out on the table without their own spot. That’s when I decided she needed a paint brush holder. My husband helped me find the right tools to make it myself and I can’t wait to share the tutorial with you.

{Texas Craft House} DIY Paint brush holder, could also use this as a make up brush holder!

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Monogram Cork Board from Wine Corks

I made this monogram cork board for my mom after finding the idea on pinterest. I collected wine corks and got several people to help collect corks for me as well. All I had to buy was the frame and the gorilla glue. If you’re looking for another way to use your collection of corks check out my Vertical Cork Board or Cassie’s Wine Cork Birdhouse There’s also our my pinterest board for other ideas Wine Cork Crafts

{Texas Craft House} Make your Own Monogram Cork Board from Wine Corks

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Zachary’s Prehistoric First Birthday Gift – Radio Flyer with Custom Decals

It’s my favorite little guy’s 1st birthday and I cannot believe it’s already been a year since he was born! Zachary is my close friend, Kristi’s, son! When Zach was born I worked long and hard on a stuffed Hobbes for him since that’s his dad’s favorite comic. Wanting to stick with that theme, I decided that we would get Zach a Radio Flyer for his 1st birthday, which I bought on Amazon along with the awesome book, Friday My Radio Flyer Flew, by Zachary Pullen!! I envisioned Calvin and Hobbes decals all around the wagon, unfortunately I did not have a device that would let me upload my own images…so on to the next idea! Zach’s 1st birthday theme is dinosaurs so I knew that I could put dinosaurs all around the wagon.

{Texas Craft House} Radio Flyer with Custom Decals

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Cupcake Onsies as a Baby Shower Gift

A couple of coworkers recently had a baby and several of us wanted to get something to congratulate them on their babies. One of my girlfriends saw the cutest idea to turn onsies into cupcakes here. We went to Target and bought their Circo brand onsies, which were on Target Cartwheel for an additional 20% off savings! We ended up with 12 onsies and 12 pairs of socks for the gift.

{Texas Craft House}  Cupcake onsies tutorial to give as a baby shower gift, so adorable!

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Custom Etch Your Own Wine Glasses

I have this awesome friend who remembered me at Christmas time and I wanted to think of a unique fun gift to give to her. Her last name is Stahr, so I love to call her ‘J Star’ since her first name starts with a J. While thinking of gift ideas I finally came up with the brilliant idea to etch her nickname in stemless wine glasses. I etched the letter J inside of a Star.

{Texas Craft House} Etch Your Own Wine Glasses

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