Ideas for the Kitchen

Today’s post has several pictures of ideas for the kitchen. You’ll find a menu board, cookbook holder, faux drawer tutorial, free printable and more.

{Texas Craft House} Ideas for the Kitchen - plate rack as a cookbook holder

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Free Kitchen Printable

My sister recently purchased a print off of Etsy for her kitchen. I thought it had a lot of character and the saying was just perfect – I wanted one for myself. I set about creating my own printable, but this one is free. You heard me right… FREE! At the end of this post there will be a link to a PDF with the same saying and 10 different colors to choose from. Simply print, cut and frame. It’s that simple!

{Texas Craft House} FREE Kitchen printable - just print and add to a frame

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Installing Your Own Faux Drawers

I love my kitchen, like a lot! I made a lot of changes to the floor plan and had my builder put things where I wanted in order to get a bigger pantry. There were a couple of things I did not have the builder do because it wasn’t worth the cost. This included cabinet hardware (knobs and drawer pulls) the faux drawers that go under the sink, and the light pendants that hang over the island. I’m going to share how my husband and I installed the faux drawers under our kitchen sink. Our builder was going to charge at least $100 a drawer, if I remember correctly, and that was money I wanted to put elsewhere! These cost $9.98 each, so I saved over $180 doing it myself!
{Texas Craft House} Installing your own Faux Drawers

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Weekly Dinner Menu Display

My husband and I love to cook and spend most nights cooking together and chatting about our day. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. Cooking is so calming and relaxing to me especially after a long stressful day. I even love looking forward to waking up early Sunday morning and finding the recipes and perfect menu for the week. Here is a great way to display your weekly meals.
{Texas Craft House} Great cricut craft - make a menu board using a sheet of metal and vinyl. You can write on metal with an expo and it wipes right off!

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Messy Pantry Makeover

I am so fortunate to have a giant walk-in pantry. It was one of the things that sold me when we were buying our home. I am the BIGGEST foodie and I needed to have a big space to hold everything. This pantry was PERFECT! Lately, though, it has turned into a mess… it is kind of like a closet, the bigger the space the more you can cram in it. I was tired of looking at it and embarrassed to open it in front of friends. After a few simple changes I was able to clean it up and organize it. I think it looks so much better. If your New Year’s Resolution was to get more organized, these easy suggestions will help you declutter your kitchen.

 {Texas Craft House} Messy pantry turned organized pantry with this easy makeover

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