Cross with Marbles

Have you seen those CUTE wooden crosses covered with different marbles at antique, craft and gift stores? I figured out how to make them and it took less than an hour.

{Texas Craft House} Cross with Marbles - an easy DIY craft with tutorial

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Good Luck Horseshoe

My mom has been saving me old horse shoes from her own horses to use for crafting. Today I had the thought to decorate one. I knew horseshoes were a symbol of good luck and I thought it would be cute to hang one up above a door. I searched my craft room for materials that I already had so it didn’t cost me anything to make. 🙂

{Texas Craft House} Good Luck Horseshoe

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Weight Loss Visual Motivation

Are you losing steam on your New Year’s resolution? Try this to keep up the motivation…

This year I decided to really try and make better choices to lose weight and get healthier. I am doing great but am a visual person. I love tracking my weight on my phone app but after I turn it off that’s it. I made these jars (after finding the idea on pinterest) to help have a daily, visual reminder of my progress.

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