First Anniversary Paper Gift Idea

Today is my third wedding anniversary and the gift theme is leather! Not wanting to be cliche about expensive and meaningless gifts I thought it would be fun to stay with the traditional wedding gift themes that were handmade or custom ordered. I’m sharing my year one gift with y’all! The traditional first anniversary gift theme is paper, I searched high and low for the best idea for a thoughtful gift to give to my husband that was’t too feminine or cheesy. I decided on maps cut into hearts of the places ‘We met, He proposed, & We Married.’ Travis and I met at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX, he proposed to me in Riviera Maya, Mexico and we got married in Lucea, Jamaica! The ability to use three completely different maps is what really drew me to this project.

{Texas Craft House} 1st Anniversary Paper Gift Idea

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Whale Shark Adventure

When you’re planning your next vacation consider the adventure we took last summer to Cancun, Mexico. Cassie, myself, and our husband’s went to Cancun together and let me tell you we had a blast! The guys learned how to catamaran, we went scuba diving and we went on a whale shark excursion.

{Texas Craft House} Whale Shark Adventure

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