Ruffled Lamp Shade DIY

It’s been pouring here in Fort Worth, Texas. Tropical Storm Bill made it through our area dropping 4″ – 6″ of rain through the DFW metroplex. Rainy days make for the perfect craft days. I turned an old lampshade into something fresh and new with a no sew way to apply fabric. You only need 3 materials, all of which I already had, and some time set aside to make this lovely little ruffled lamp shade.
{Texas Craft House} Give an old lampshade a new makeover with this great DIY no sew ruffle look using fabric

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Messy Pantry Makeover

I am so fortunate to have a giant walk-in pantry. It was one of the things that sold me when we were buying our home. I am the BIGGEST foodie and I needed to have a big space to hold everything. This pantry was PERFECT! Lately, though, it has turned into a mess… it is kind of like a closet, the bigger the space the more you can cram in it. I was tired of looking at it and embarrassed to open it in front of friends. After a few simple changes I was able to clean it up and organize it. I think it looks so much better. If your New Year’s Resolution was to get more organized, these easy suggestions will help you declutter your kitchen.

 {Texas Craft House} Messy pantry turned organized pantry with this easy makeover

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