Spring Burlap Wreath

Happy Easter!

Here is a charming spring wreath with alternating colors of yellow and blue with a pop of pink from a big, fun bow. Today’s tutorial requires no glue, just a straw wreath form and floral pins. My finger tips thanked me for leaving the hot glue boxed away for this craft!


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DIY Natural Fly Repellent

It is finally starting to feel like spring around here. My husband and I spent this past week cleaning up our flower beds, trimming our landscape and picking up the patio. We love this weather and are looking forward to grilling and entertaining again. I’ve noticed just a couple of flies out and about now that the weather is warming up and which prompted me to prep my DIY natural fly repellent to be proactive.

{Texas Craft House} DIY Natural Fly Repellent

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Old Watering Can Turned Flower Pot

Happy first day of spring!! Boy this winter was a tough one, and there was definitely way too much ice and snow! Not the kind of weather I want living in Texas. I was a gardening fiend last spring and in the middle of planting I noticed my old watering can, and then it hit me! I can turn that into a planter! Lucky for me, my dad was over helping with something at the house and had one of his power tools handy.

{Texas Craft House} Old watering can turned flower pot.
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