Pallet Sign for Lonestar Taps & Caps

Not too long ago, Elisabeth was working outside in her yard with her husband and they struck up a conversation with a passing neighbor who noticed the kegerater in their garage. Rick, the owner of “LoneStar Taps & Caps” asked where they bought their kegs from. He was excited to hear them say “LoneStar Beverages” in Carrollton, TX because he and his dad, Sam, owned the shop. Rick began telling them about a business idea for a craft beer growler fill station that he was working on opening close by. The first time Elisabeth and Travis went in they could not stop raving about the shop, it was still fairly new but it was already becoming the talk of the town. After we opened Texas Craft House, Elisabeth came up with the idea to do some kind of pallet sign for the shop and expressed how we would love to make a sign for LoneStar Taps & Caps to showcase. Rick agreed and our adventure began.

{Texas Craft House} Pallet wood and bottle cap sign for Lone Star Taps and Caps in The Colony
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Vintage Sign and Coat Rack

So my cousin’s wedding was approaching and she wasn’t registered anywhere. She and her fiancé are the kind of people who appreciate things for their history more than their price tag, so I wanted to make them something special that they could use for years to come.

{Texas Craft House} Take any antique and turn it into a vintage sign or coat rack

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