Laundry Room Makeover: Built-in Litter Box Cabinet

I cannot stand to see my cats’ litter box, but living so close to a major highway really leaves us no choice in keeping them inside. Several years ago when we first got Phoebe and Tobias I found a post about using an Ikea box and hinges to create a litter box container it served usContinue reading “Laundry Room Makeover: Built-in Litter Box Cabinet”

Laundry Room Makeover: Washer and Dryer Storage

My laundry room is getting closer and closer to exactly how I want it to look! When we were building the house, the builder insisted on installing the washer and dryer outlets at pedestal height even though I didn’t have a washer and dryer with pedestals. Well I hated it! Lesson learned don’t let someoneContinue reading “Laundry Room Makeover: Washer and Dryer Storage”

Cricut Vinyl Storage Idea

I love my Cricut machine so much. I am the most fond of doing projects using the vinyl which comes in rolls. It can be kind of a headache to unroll, lay on the mat, roll back up, store… I buy the rolls of vinyl whenever I see them on sale or clearance and afterContinue reading “Cricut Vinyl Storage Idea”

IKEA Hack: Hidden Jewelry Storage

I was desperately looking for a place to store all of my jewelry. While shopping at IKEA I saw this awesome mirror, the Stave, that was being sold with hinges. I quickly realized how brilliant it would be to use this mirror to store jewelry! So here is my very own IKEA hack! For anotherContinue reading “IKEA Hack: Hidden Jewelry Storage”

Personalized Pet Food Containers

I love vinyl because in no time you have a completed craft and something cute to show off! I bought these 22lb Pet Food Containers from The Container Store when they were having a sale. We have two cats and two Scottish Terriers and one of our cats is a bit on the heavy sideContinue reading “Personalized Pet Food Containers”

Installing Your Own Faux Drawers

I love my kitchen, like a lot! I made a lot of changes to the floor plan and had my builder put things where I wanted in order to get a bigger pantry. There were a couple of things I did not have the builder do because it wasn’t worth the cost. This included cabinetContinue reading “Installing Your Own Faux Drawers”

Closet Space Saver

Every year I try to tackle spaces in my house that are not organized and for some reason the new year always sparks my need to clean. My hubby and I have been working hard on getting organized during my weekends off. Let me tell you, whenever I’m not organized I definitely feel more stressedContinue reading “Closet Space Saver”