Laundry Room Transformation

So here is an easy way I transformed my laundry room from a junky eye sore to a fun little corner of my house.

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Closet Space Saver

Every year I try to tackle spaces in my house that are not organized and for some reason the new year always sparks my need to clean. My hubby and I have been working hard on getting organized during my weekends off. Let me tell you, whenever I’m not organized I definitely feel more stressed out and I’ve learned that organization is something I can control, hence less stress. The master closet is the start to some areas we are working to improve! When we built the house we asked for extra rods at the top of the closet for more storage. Naturally, I have a lot of bags and purses and I hated the way they were just thrown onto the top shelf of my closet. So I decided those rods at the very top would be perfect for bag storage, especially because I wouldn’t be using valuable closet space anymore. I went to the Container Store to get the pole that reached items to the top rod (FYI: the one at Bed, Bath & Beyond was cheaper, but broke with the first purse I hung up). Then I went to Target for two packs of shower curtain hooks.

{Texas Craft House} Closet Space Saver

To make the shower curtain hooks fit onto the rungs in my closet I had to bend them out and make the hook wider. Do this very carefully because I did end up breaking a few. I decided on this style of hook because it holds the handles to purses better and they don’t just slip off. Look at how much better the closet looks already!

What are some organization tricks you’ve come up with?

Next step: Cubbies for shoe and T-Shirt storage

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Master Bath Toilet Room Makeover


I wanted to share this makeover I did for my toilet room in my master bath. I got the idea on Pinterest from HGTV. First, I measured 35.5″ on the wall that the toilet is backed up against. Then, I found Threshold shelves at Target that were 35″ and bought three. The one inch size difference made for a perfect fit in the space. ***On a side note, if you have Target Cartwheel I saved an extra 15% off on those shelves among other savings!*** 

{Texas Craft House} Master Bath Toilet Room Makeover

I put the shelves 12″ apart and the lowest shelf is 32″ from the top of the toilet. When I drilled the holes for the shelves I avoided any areas that had studs just in case there was actually plumbing. Better safe than sorry, right? For hanging, I prefer E-Z Ancor drywall anchors from Home Depot. To make everything look nice I grabbed some decor from around the house that didn’t have a place and I used a cigar box to put in the matches that were in the orange solo cup. I love how this turned out and it took me 30 minutes to complete!

{Texas Craft House} Master Bath Toilet Room Makeover


Looking for more? Check out the antique mirrors I refinished for my master bath here.

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