Loofah Halloween Costume

Halloween is only a couple months away. I figured now would be a great time to share with your an outfit and Elisabeth and I made a couple of years ago.We decided to try out a costume idea that we saw on Pinterest. Have you seen the super cute DIY loofah costumes? We found our example here at this blog. The instructions that were given were VERY easy to follow and our costumes turned out exactly like the picture. We were very happy and got so many compliments! We really liked that these required no sewing and no glue… just netting and elastic!

{Texas Craft House} Easy no-sew best friends couple loofah halloween costume

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Flower Rosette Tutorial for Tulle, Fabric, Burlap and Ribbon

Last week I showed you a “How to Make the Perfect Bow.” I figured out the secret trick by going to my local craft store, finding a pre-made bow and inspecting the craftsmanship. That same day I found some flower rosettes for sale… 3/$8.99. The lady shopping next to me looked at me funny when I started to gasp, take a picture and frantically text Elisabeth. $9 for a rosette was CRAZY! They are so easy and cost virtually nothing.
{Texas Craft House} Flower rosette tutorial for tulle, fabric, ribbon and burlap. These cute little flowers can go on headbands, tutus, home decor, mason jars, gift wrap, anything!

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