Wood Block Conversation Hearts

I was wanting to find some fun home decor crafts in honor of Valentine’s Day. When I started searching through Pinterest I couldn’t find anything that I really liked. Everything seemed to look like child crafts or even a bit cheese-y. There were many wreath choices but I was wanting something for home decor. After some thinking I had the idea to paint wood blocks to resemble conversation hearts. The result turned out great!

{Texas Craft House} Wood Block Conversation Heart made with a Silhouette Cameo and using vinyl as a paint stencil. Great idea for a Valentine's home decor

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Home Sweet Home Vinyl Window Sign

I am so excited to show off my new toy, the Silhouette Cameo. My family chipped in together to give it to me for Christmas. This machine is AMAZING. They found it on the Silhouette website on Black Friday and the bundle came with a starter tool kit, 1 month of free designs, the vinyl starter kit and Silhouette Mint (that post is coming!). I found the sketch pens at Hobby Lobby and bought them with my 40% off coupon but am excited to learn how to use other pen brands (such as Sharpie) with the different pen holders I also found.

{Texas Craft House} Cassie's New Silhouette Cameo

My first craft was a vinyl Home Sweet Home sign for the antique window displayed in my living room. I can’t wait to show you how I did it with some simple beginner step by steps for your first Cameo cut.

{Texas Craft House} Home Sweet Home Vinyl Window Sign

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Cricut Vinyl Storage Idea

I love my Cricut machine so much. I am the most fond of doing projects using the vinyl which comes in rolls. It can be kind of a headache to unroll, lay on the mat, roll back up, store… I buy the rolls of vinyl whenever I see them on sale or clearance and after a while they started stacking up and looking like a mess in my craft room cabinet. Last time I walked by the scrapbook aisle though, an idea hit me – cut and store the vinyl in a binder. I can’t wait to show you!

{Texas Craft House} Cricut vinyl storage organization idea

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Zachary’s Prehistoric First Birthday Gift – Radio Flyer with Custom Decals

It’s my favorite little guy’s 1st birthday and I cannot believe it’s already been a year since he was born! Zachary is my close friend, Kristi’s, son! When Zach was born I worked long and hard on a stuffed Hobbes for him since that’s his dad’s favorite comic. Wanting to stick with that theme, I decided that we would get Zach a Radio Flyer for his 1st birthday, which I bought on Amazon along with the awesome book, Friday My Radio Flyer Flew, by Zachary Pullen!! I envisioned Calvin and Hobbes decals all around the wagon, unfortunately I did not have a device that would let me upload my own images…so on to the next idea! Zach’s 1st birthday theme is dinosaurs so I knew that I could put dinosaurs all around the wagon.

{Texas Craft House} Radio Flyer with Custom Decals

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Personalized Pet Food Containers

I love vinyl because in no time you have a completed craft and something cute to show off! I bought these 22lb Pet Food Containers from The Container Store when they were having a sale. We have two cats and two Scottish Terriers and one of our cats is a bit on the heavy side so I knew these containers would be hard and hopefully impossible for her to topple over and break into. You may be laughing, but I’m being completely honest! Since I bought two of the same container I needed to differentiate the two so that it was easier to tell who’s food you’re getting. Insert quick vinyl project here!

{Texas Craft House} Personalized Pet Food Container

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Custom Etch Your Own Wine Glasses

I have this awesome friend who remembered me at Christmas time and I wanted to think of a unique fun gift to give to her. Her last name is Stahr, so I love to call her ‘J Star’ since her first name starts with a J. While thinking of gift ideas I finally came up with the brilliant idea to etch her nickname in stemless wine glasses. I etched the letter J inside of a Star.

{Texas Craft House} Etch Your Own Wine Glasses

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Personalized Tumblers

Today I’m sharing the personalized tumblers that I made for my destination wedding guests. I put these inside of their Welcome Bags that I made and was surprised by how much my guests loved these, my dad is still using his years after our wedding. I got the idea for this from a past vacation my husband and I took, I read many reviews and found that bringing a large cup that keeps drinks cold is a commodity at all inclusive resorts and quickly went out to buy some Tervis’. For my wedding I wanted guests to be able to use something that would have them stand out as being part of our wedding party and to be a fun reminder of their trip.

{Texas Craft House} Destination Beach Wedding party favor using circut vinyl


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Old/Antique Window turned Bathroom Sign

I am so excited to show you my antique window sign. I found an old antique window at an antique store for $10.00. I had never seen one so small before and I liked the look the black paint around the inside edges gave it. It kind of looks like smoke damage. I think it adds to the character of it. Antique/old windows are EVERYWHERE right now and are the hot home decor piece to have. They will be easy to find if you decide you want one, too.

{Texas Craft House} Old Window turned Bathroom Sign

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