Pashminas for Destination Wedding Favors


Today I’m sharing the easiest craft I did for my destination wedding. I gave these pashminas to the ladies that were attending my wedding and put them in their Destination Wedding Welcome Bags. I found the idea to give a pashmina on as well as the verbiage “To have and to hold and keep you from cold”. This was super easy to do and tied in beautifully with the theme. I found the pashminas on Ebay for $4.99 each!

{Texas Craft House} Pashmina Destination Wedding Favors{Texas Craft House} Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

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Glass Sand Jar Wedding Favors

{Texas Craft House} Glass Sand Jar Wedding FavorsMy husband proposed to me in Mexico using a spice jar that I had emptied and packed to bring sand home in. We chose to have a sand ceremony the evening before our wedding with our guests so that they could all take a glass jar of sand home from Jamaica to remember their trip and our wedding. It was fun to be able to share the story of our engagement with our guests and then give them a memory of their own with a glass jar full of sand. I also put these into the Destination Wedding Welcome Bags I gave my guests.

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Personalized Tumblers

Today I’m sharing the personalized tumblers that I made for my destination wedding guests. I put these inside of their Welcome Bags that I made and was surprised by how much my guests loved these, my dad is still using his years after our wedding. I got the idea for this from a past vacation my husband and I took, I read many reviews and found that bringing a large cup that keeps drinks cold is a commodity at all inclusive resorts and quickly went out to buy some Tervis’. For my wedding I wanted guests to be able to use something that would have them stand out as being part of our wedding party and to be a fun reminder of their trip.

{Texas Craft House} Destination Beach Wedding party favor using circut vinyl


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Destination Wedding Welcome Bags – DIY

Hello Everyone!! I had my destination wedding in Jamaica in July 2012 and wanted to share all of the fun things that I crafted for the wedding and for the guests that attended. I worked really hard tying in all of the little beach themed ideas for my wedding to get the impact I wanted. I have several posts that I’ll still be adding as well as converting from the old blog. I promised myself that I will get all wedding crafts blogged this year! So today I wanted to share the Welcome Bags that I made for my guests. We were very blessed to have over 20 people paying their own way to attend our destination wedding! I wanted to be able to give them a token of my appreciation as well as something they could keep forever and remember our trip.

{Texas Craft House} Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

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Wedding Guest Book Thumb Print Tree – DIY

{Texas Craft House} Wedding Guest Book Thumb Print TreeCrafting with Cassie is always fun, but what was especially fantastic during this project were her words of encouragement which helped me paint the thumb print tree for my At Home Reception. From the first day my husband and I started planning our wedding I knew that I did not want a traditional guest book and so I started looking around on Etsy where I found the idea of the thumb print tree.

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