Red White and Blue Strawberries 

Since it is Labor Day weekend, I wanted to share this fun, easy, and inexpensive treat you can make for any patriotic holiday!

{Texas Craft House} Easy steps to make Red, White, and Blue Strawberries

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Patriotic Mason Jar Citronella Candles 

So my Aunt absolutely loves the Fourth of July. Every year it’s a big extravaganza at her house on Independence Day. Everyone gathers around and spends the entire day outside…. Then at night we set off fireworks. Problem is, bugs eat us alive!! I wanted to make a practical gift for her that she could keep out for decoration and help with the bug problem. So here are the mason jars I turned into citronella candles and painted like the American flag.

{Texas Craft House} How to turn mason jars into Patriotic Citronella Candles

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DIY Conduit Curtain Rod

My husband and I moved into our home a few years ago. It has taken us forever to furnish and decorate it. Sometimes I am a little intimidated with all there is to do – sometimes me being a “cheap-skate” gets in the way. I can’t help it… if I find out there is a more inexpensive way to do something then I can’t stomach the thought of over-paying. Take my living room for example. We recently got it painted and my lovely husband made me a coffee table. We still have more to do but figured we should start with the curtains before shelves and other knick knacks. Here are before pictures of my living room. {Texas Craft House} DIY Conduit Curtain Rod {Texas Craft House} DIY Conduit Curtain Rod {Texas Craft House} DIY Conduit Curtain Rod Continue reading