Vertical Cork Board from Wine Corks

I had a huge stash of wine corks saved up and several ideas on how to use them! I had already made my mom an awesome monogram cork board, but discovered I didn’t have the space for one of my own. I do however have this support pillar in my kitchen that needed some oomph. That’s when I saw the idea to use a yard stick to make a vertical cork board on Pinterest. Lucky for me, I had just scooped up a yard stick at Lowe’s for $2.98!

{Texas Craft House} Make a vertical cork board from a yard stick and wine corks

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Drawer Pulls as Decorative Bottle Stoppers

Today’s craft is a bottle stopper made with drawer pulls. I found my drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby but World Market has a great selection too. It would be fun to make some of these using antique knobs found at thrift stores or while antiquing.

{Texas Craft House} DIY drawer pulls as decorative bottle stoppers

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